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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The difference between taking a photo or making one is seeing emotion. I see the emotion and capture that in my photography and video storytelling, which is the catalyst for sales growth! Video storytelling is the best manner to share your clients greatest success story. The journalism experiences shape their story in a concise manner that sparks an emotional trigger. Video is the emotional catalyst for sales growth.

SI photography/short films are meant to evoke emotion to build relations between viewer, artist, and subject.

Beginning Quotation Mark-SI

I have always been so impressed with not only Jason's talent, but the ease with which he instinctively gets inside the theme and spirit of a project


- Stu Z.

MSJ Deliveries, San Deigo CA



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While I am not doing it all behind and beside the camera, I am attending board meetings at Ocean Beach or the Patch (wink wink, I surf). And when I am not surfing, I live and garden with my wife, son, daughter, in-laws and adopted boxer dog GiGi (She knows how to pick ripe red and tart green tomatoes).

My journalism experiences on the West Coast during the early 2000's have prepared me to produce thought provoking content by myself.  It's as if I was preparing for the current Covid situation during my 10 year journalism experiences.  Through those experiences, I have learned...everybody has a story.  I love to share those stories that inspire emotive responses whether it's directing to produce Stills and/or Motion.


Meeting new people and sharing their stories keeps me fresh with new ideas and insights to share with the world.


Home base is currently in San Francisco Bay Area.

Available to shoot everywhere: I am local to San Francisco, the Black Hills region and with strong local ties to Jamaica.

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