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Create video & photo content which shares your brand story.

What Set Us Apart?


The intense journalism experience of founder and primary videographer Jason Steinberg.


His years of experience guide his team and assist his clients in creating outstanding video content to share unique stories with customers, employees and prospective clients.

Steinberg Imagery provides comprehensive photography and videography services for non-profits, event businesses, small businesses, corporate entities, and families.

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Jackii & Jason Steinberg

Jason Steinberg and family.JPG

The Steinberg Family

During the last 20 years, we have been seen in general news, sports action, and entertainment features published in … New York Post, Sante, the San Francisco Magazine, SF Examiner, SF Sentinel, SF Luxe, El Reportero, Tecolote, Black Pointe Press publications, TMZ and The Registry amongst others.

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Video shows your passion...Jason is very creative when it comes to that.


- Basel Bazlamit

Founder & Chocolatier, Basle B. Chocolate


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